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Your Independent Voice for Kansas

Wayne Briscoe is a candidate for the Kansas 3rd Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

He brings a long history of political involvement combined with years of successful small business entrepreneurship and large corporate experience. Wayne's concern for our nation's welfare has led him to run as your representative in the U.S. Congress.

Practical and prudent solutions are the cornerstones of Wayne's platform. In his own words:

After the bailouts of the large Corporations and the Health Care takeover the Democratic Party has their lowest favorable rating ever. The Republican Party is in disarray for alleged misappropriations of contributor’s funds and not doing enough to maintain the trust of Americans after 8 years of President Bush's administration. The time is NOW for an Independent Voice in Washington that is only beholding to my friends and neighbors in the 3rd District.

Making an Impact

My first priority will be to insure that America is safe both at home and abroad. I am an avid supporter of our troops. Without them I would not even be allowed to make this run for office. My father, all four of my brothers, and I have served our country honorably in the military.

My second priority will be on job creation, through economic development and small business incentives to get people back to work with good paying jobs that they can raise a family on. I will be at the forefront of Immigration Reform to get American workers working again. There will be no Government takeovers or incentives to large corporations for taking jobs away from us to send overseas and certainly none given to Corporations that reward their high level executives with huge bonuses while at the same time, not making a profit for stockholders and doing everything they can to keep workers working and productivity maximized for growth not for short term profit taking.

When elected I will be but one of a handful of Congressional men and women who can have a real impact on legislation. We will have a powerful voice that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can ignore. The numbers in both the Congress and the Senate will be very close in November. Independents will be the voice of the people that makes a difference and with common sense. If you want politics as usual and party line gridlock then elect one of the candidates that will be on the ballot in August. Whoever is elected will go to Washington and vote a straight party line with the rest of the insider politicians in Washington.

The Third District has 9 Republicans and 2 Democrats running in the August Primary. The Republicans believe that whoever is elected in August will have a shoe in for November because the Democrats will not be running a campaign to win the District back as Dennis Moore's record has already ruined their chances. The Democrats will spend their money where they are more likely to be elected. Not the Third District. It will be a huge party splitting fight for the Republicans in the Primary. They will all play dirty politics and try to show us all how each is worse than the other and still bank on the winner being elected in November by default.

Kansans have throughout history been Independent thinkers going back as far as the Civil War when they elected to come into the Union as a free state. During the late 1800's a strong Independent Party (Prohibition Party) won the Governorship away from both parties and launched a successful national campaign as well. Our rich Heritage of strong willed, independent, forward thinking, individualists' that believe in God, Family, and Country before themselves, and in that order, is a recipe for change and prosperity for the good people that live and work in the Third District.

Why Independent?

We are all independent voters when we cast our ballots in November.

The argument that a Third Party is not a viable option on a National basis has merit as the Presidency is clearly going to be controlled by the vast resources of the "Two Party" system for at least the foreseeable future. That is a reality. Third Parties have historically been to narrow in both their views and their support making them ineffectual against our current two party behemoths. However, in a more localized area like State Representative, State Senate, and District Congressional races, an Independent Candidate, not a “Third Party” Candidate, can not only be viable in these political times but can wield the vote power, when elected, to preserve the Principles that this group professes to support. Independent candidates when elected support the people that voted for them not the political machine that got them elected.

Some of you are not going to like what I have to say about our current and past administrations but the reality is that during 8 years of President Bush and during the course of the last 18 months the question must be asked....What has either Party done to support our ideals? We have unprecedented spending, taxes raised on every level, government intervention in our freedoms, abuse of power by partisan politicians and the very Parties themselves. Democrats and the Republicans have gotten away with blaming gridlock on their inability to take action on serious issues not because individual members agree or disagree but because they must vote with their party. Too often the vote is to close to break through the gridlock. What we have allowed to develop in America is a Political Elite that rivals the ancient Roman Senate. The corruption has been unrivaled in American history. When we standby and allow this to continue we get what we deserve.

If you are to use the argument that we must settle for the lesser of two evils i.e. a Republican or Democrat, to justify your position as an organization you compromise the very reason you exist. To stand together in Principals with each other is the key to our electoral success not to stand together with Parties.

An Independent candidate can have unbelievable power in the US Congress. The One single vote by a Congressman that represents the ideals of his constituents rather than bending his principles to meet Party re-election requirements can make a very real difference. One vote can make a difference. Below is just one example of how one vote can make a real difference.

The Power of One Vote

April 5, 2010 • 2 Comments
From the Desk of John Hanson, SVP of Communications at the USO:

Don’t worry … this isn’t a civics lesson encouraging you to vote in every election (you really should, though).

Sometime this summer, the world will not celebrate the 66th anniversary of a piece of landmark legislation. Not because it’s bad legislation, but because 66 years isn’t as much fun as, say, 65 or 70.

In 1944, a group of World War I veterans figured out that World War II was going to be ending at some foreseeable time. The allies were advancing in every theater.

These men had come home after their war and learned some important lessons. One was that there had to be a way to assimilate millions of veterans back into an economy that was not going to be as robust after the war as it was during the war.

And, these folks had seen what happened when bonuses promised to World War I veterans were not paid. The bonus marchers’ riots in 1932 in Washington left a lasting impression and a bitter taste.

The result of their conversations was the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the G.I. Bill into law on June 22, 1944. It was ambitious. The plan included months of unemployment compensation, guaranteed home loans, and, remarkably, education benefits at colleges, universities and trade schools. The cost was going to be huge.

There was some consternation from the Congress. “This is far too expensive,” some said. “We can’t afford to do this.” Some called it socialistic or even communistic. There are reports that it was too big for even President Roosevelt. University leaders were worried about opening the doors of higher education to the hoi polloi.

But, a few veterans’ groups and interested citizens insisted, and the legislation moved forward, back and forth until the House and Senate versions had to be meshed. That shouldn’t have been a problem. Each house’s version passed unanimously. But, we’re talking about Congress, here. There were 7 members of the joint committee. One was going to be out of town when the vote was to be taken, and he left his proxy with the chairman. The chair decided not to vote the proxy, so the absent member, from Georgia, John Gibson, had to be found at his home, driven to an airport and flown back to Washington to cast the final vote that freed the bill for consideration.

A tie vote could have killed the bill. A desperate measure saved it.

You might recognize the Readjustment Act (a great name by the way) as its more popular title – the GI Bill of Rights. It changed the course for millions of veterans and their families. It created the American middle class. It created the America we take for granted today. By a one vote margin.

Do not compromise your Principals with settling for the Republican or the Democrat elite. A recent survey by USA Today revealed that “Two-thirds of those surveyed this week describe themselves as "angry" about the way things are going in the USA, the highest percentage in the decade the question has been asked. By nearly 2-1, they would rather vote for a candidate who has never served in Congress over one with experience.”

According to a recent Poll in May by NBC/MSNBC/Telemundo 5/20-23/2010 more people identify themselves as Independent than Republican or Democrat.

Independent 41%
Republican 24%
Democrat 31%.
Undecided 5%

Independent candidates it would appear are more likely to be elected than not.

Make a Difference

Together we can make a difference and turn Washington upside down. I will need 5,000 Third District Registered Voters to sign my candidacy petition that will be filed no later than noon on August 2nd 2010. This is our first campaign. This is our Primary, to have my name on the ballot for November's election.

Wayne Briscoe - Brief Overview

Below is a brief resume of my accomplishments. What I think stands out most is the many different areas of life that I have been engaged in and can see many sides to any issue and more importantly how my decisions will effect my constituents.

I grew up as a middle class farm boy with a Western Kansas work ethic and the son of working folks. I have been a Student, Soldier, Laborer, and Small Business Owner, with experience in large and small Corporations holding both management and employment positions. I have been a Father, a Step Father, Foster Parent, and Single Parent. My background is well rounded with an influence in Politics, Public Speaking and the Law as well, so that I can effectively "play the game in Washington". I am old enough that I bring some wisdom and experience to the table and young enough that I can still envision the possibilities for the future.

"The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave." ~ Patrick Henry


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Wayne Briscoe filed for ballot access with the Kansas Secretary of State for the 3rd Congressional District in Topeka, Kansas on August 2, 2010 and has been denied access to the ballot even though he collected enough signatures to gain ballot access. The petition was denied on technicalities and the delay has been on going due to bad faith and an abuse of power on the part of the Secretary of State, Attorney General, and the Lieutenant Governor.

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Armed with 7,835 signatures on the Kansas Independent Nomination Petition, Monday August 2nd at 10:37 AM Wayne Briscoe filed for ballot access with the Kansas Secretary of State for the 3rd Congressional District in Topeka, Kansas.

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